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Customer Testimonials

Four years ago I was 280 lbs and couldn’t run a mile. I felt terrible and something was just not right. I decided to change my diet and get back into endurance sports as I had done when I was younger. I was able to lose a lot of weight and reach a semi-competitive level in triathlon but something still was not right with my performances. Eighteen months ago during the spring triathlon season, I was having all sorts of health problems, always sick, run down, skin rashes, GI problems, you name it. My coach, Tom Clifford, suggested I try UB Super. I immediately started feeling better, with more energy and fewer GI problems. I knew that something in the UB Super was helping, but wanted to figure out what it was helping. As my energy came back, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. I am convinced that the UB Super helped reduce the Celiac inflammation and also helped my body reload all the nutrients it had not been absorbing. Over the last year, I have kept UB Super as a staple of my daily routine, as a recovery drink on hard workout days, and in shakes in between meals. My performances and ability to train at a high level without getting sick continued to improve over the last year. This past weekend I won the PPD Beach to Battleship 70.3 distance triathlon with a 7 minute PR. The first thing I consumed after finishing the race was a UB Super shake, so I could start the recovery process and get ready for the next race. I highly recommend it. Tim N.
This stuff is AMAZING!! I have struggled with so many health issues over the last 10-15 years. I suffer from chronic lower back pain daily and I’ve always tried to take a proactive approach towards my health and addressing the issue, from doctor’s visits, to blood work, MRIs, vitamins, exercising, and diet adjustments. Since using UB Super, almost all of my health problems have either gone away or are significantly diminished. My back pain is vastly diminished and sometimes I even forget I had it. My digestive issues are gone. My post-workout recovery is amazing and nearly obsolete now. My energy levels and mental awareness are better than ever! I could go on and on. And the taste is delicious! I’m getting rid of all my vitamins and daily coffee, and replacing them with something that truly nourishes my body. I highly recommend anyone considering trying UB Super to just give it a try, and you’ll be hooked! Will never go back to throwing money, time, and energy into things that showed no results. Kori H.
Since I started with UB Super, my daily energy level has increased and my post-workout recovery time has dramatically decreased. Most days, I drink a shake in the morning and another post-workout, and I feel great. Finding a one-stop shop that has all the vitamins and minerals needed, is vegan, non-GMO, and tastes great is kind of like finding a unicorn. My wife and I are hooked, and I can’t order UB Super fast enough. Tyce M.
I have survived three separate instances of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). My first brain injury was from a “slip and fall” in 2011 and the second brain injury occurred in 2012 when my car was rear-ended. Then, on October 2014, I suffered my third and most horrific brain injury: I fell from the second level of my townhouse down to the first level, crashing into 17 hardwood oak stairs that wrecked my head and body. I suffered skull fractures, subdural hematomas, orbital fractures, and multiple other injuries. I’ve been using UB SUPER every day for over three months now. It’s been an amazing product for me. My mind is alert, my fog is lifting, and I am able to even exercise. I have the ability to get out of bed, I’m not as tired, I can focus better and I can accomplish things. It's taken almost two years to feel like I may have a life worth living! Thank you, Scott Kanyok: creating this non-synthetic product, filling it full of plant-based vitamins and natural minerals, and completing all of the research AFTER your brain injury! This is an AWESOME achievement. Diane B.
As a physical education teacher I have always been interested in health and fitness. I am always looking for the best, most natural ways to fuel my body. When I found UB Super it was a no-brainer: this vegan protein is the best of the best. I have tried many veggie protein powders in the past and this one is by far my favorite. I went from taking a bunch of supplements to only taking UB Super. It is my one-stop shop for green powders, vitamins, minerals, and protein. I do CrossFit four times a week and have UB Super after every workout. Since using UB Super I have noticed a massive difference in my recovery from my workouts. I am getting faster and lifting heavier and I know UB Super plays a big role in my improvements. Thank you UB Super for creating an amazing protein powder. Carly B.
Austin was born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition called AVSD. When he was only six months old, we made the difficult decision to follow the cardiologist’s advice and allow Austin to have open heart surgery. It was a very scary thing for us to go through. Once we received clearance from the hospital to take Austin home, we were presented with a new set of challenges. His diet was restricted giving him painful constipation. Austin was very picky about what he would and wouldn’t eat, making it hard for him to get the nutrients he needed. A friend and ambassador, Erin Hogston, suggested UB Super. After using UB Super for five months, Austin is finally sleeping through the night, has all-day energy and is growing fast. His nutritionist is on board too, and says that UB Super gives him the complete vitamin B profile plus the vitamin B12 and iron he was lacking before. He’s the happiest little boy, but when he’s ready for his UB Super shake we’d better have it ready! Dawn N.
As an active athlete, diet and food is the most important aspect of our daily lives because you are what you eat. Food is our only fuel source. UB Super is healthy clean fuel for your body. I use it every day normally before and after training just to make sure I’m fueling my body with everything it needs. I never feel depleted or run down anymore. Every day I’m running on all cylinders and feeling great. Great meal replacement. Love it! Travis G.
At age 61, I believe that UB Super has been a huge factor in helping me lose weight, maintain an ideal weight and make a commitment to better health. I spend a lot of my time balancing work, home and volunteer efforts but under stress I used to reach for a quick carb load to keep me going, even though I knew I would suffer later with a headache and even greater fatigue. I began making better food choices six months ago and started drinking a UB Super shake as a meal replacement in the morning. In the past I would be hungry (and cranky) by 10 AM but the shake keeps me full and mentally engaged way past the next mealtime. The taste is fantastic—I feel like I am indulging in a great treat every day rather than feeling deprived. On days when I have evening commitments, I often drink a UB Super shake for my meal, and I am able to get better rest. I can prepare a smoothie in minutes and my body is grateful for the essential vitamins and protein it needs to function. I am a huge fan of this product because it works so well for my lifestyle. Julie R.
I used to get sick frequently with sinus infections and viruses. You name it, I got it. I would go from healthy to sick really quickly in times of stress and then be out of commission for days. It was not a good situation. I was visiting my friend Juddy Arnold and I went from healthy to a severe sinus infection within 24 hours, complete with fever, chills, and body aches. I was very distressed at being severely sick (again) while on vacation. Juddy assessed my daily diet, found my caloric intake to be inadequate for my needs, and sent me home with two canisters of UB Super as a supplement to my existing healthful eating habits, under the strict condition and promise that I take it every day for 30 days. I did, and I have been using UB Super ever since. I felt IMMENSELY more healthy within days of taking it! I was able to FEEL the nutritional gaps being filled every day. It has been several months and I have not gotten sick once. That’s a big deal for me! I am looking forward to not being sick this winter, since I have positive belief regarding my health stored up AND I have UB Super on my counter to fill my body with powerful help. Ellen D.
For years, I have suffered from chronic pain due to degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, right total metal on metal hip replacement and fibromyalgia. I have been using UB Super and following the primal/paleo lifestyle for 2 months. I am amazed at my diminished pain since starting this shake. I went from taking narcotic pain medication at least once daily to taking no pain meds at all in approximately one month’s time. I also dropped 21.5 lbs in the process. This shake has changed my life! Thank you for putting in all the blood, sweat and tears behind this product!!! Jamie E.
Between a very busy work schedule and everything life throws at all of us, I am always looking for a quick way to replace meals without sacrificing nutrition and energy. In the past I have been a slave to the home juicer (and all of its mess and cleanup) and a user of many different brands of whey based protein shakes, protein bars and anything else available. These were my daily norm. I was introduced to UB Super about two years ago and after the first shake, I immediately felt an energy boost and increased stamina throughout my day. It is by far the best tasting shake mix I have ever tasted. It’s the best mix I’ve experienced because it has all the benefits I was receiving from the combination of juicing, protein shakes and bars all in one. Michael C.
Today at 63 years of age, my food mainly is my own: I raise wheatgrass and veggies in nutrient-dense soil. On top of that I supplement with vitamins and minerals. Over the many decades I have experimented with all kinds of different products and I can truly say yours is the best I’ve come across with maybe the exception of my own wheatgrass. Immediately after taking the first dose, I simply could not stop working. I’ve been a very hard worker and my main interest in nutrition is to enable to allow me continue to work into old age, so I am very pleased. I did finally slow down after two days, but my complexion is radiant like it was when I was younger. I definitely know true quality when I see it as my testimony shows, and with your product I am assured that I will be able to continue to be very, very productive over the years yet to come. A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU for your generosity and for creating such a high quality product. Paula H.
We are on our third order and absolutely, absolutely love your product. We are avid workout people who are always at the gym, running, biking, kayaking or hiking and your product makes us feel so good. When I say good, I mean a sustained good where there are no highs and lows in energy during the day. Cindy B.
I’ve been using UB Super for about 6 months. I’m very happy with the results. I have two young kids in school and they are always coming home with colds. It seems to make the rounds from them to my wife, then to me. The pattern would then start all over again. Since I started using UB Super I have not been sick at all! I have a UB Super smoothie every morning, which gives me energy all day. I feel full and I have even lost a couple of pounds. I love the vanilla taste. I have started the rest of my family on smoothies. I would recommend this product for everyone. There seems to be no downside! JEFF C.
I heard about UB Super from my son and daughter-in-law who use it for regular meal replacement. I was intrigued because I want to help build my immune system and understand that this product is designed to do just that. Typically I had been a very healthy, active person and exercised 4-5 times a week, but recently I have been “catching” everything that is going around. I have been using UB Super as a meal replacement for either breakfast or lunch almost every day and I can definitely tell that my immune system is improving. There is a difference in my energy level: I feel stronger and have been well. Something I did not expect was an unbelievable improvement in my gastrointestinal health. I have struggled with problems for several years and they have disappeared. If I miss a day of UB Super, I can tell it the next day. It is something that I need everyday to make me feel great! Linda C.
Since adding a once-daily UB Super shake, I’ve noticed extra energy to sustain my active lifestyle throughout the day… and my digestive health has never been better. It has a pleasant taste and consistency. Jim C.
UB Super is a great addition to our healthy eating choices. Previously, we used what was considered a great whey shake product, but we have found UB Super to be a superior shake. We are over 65 and want to keep a healthy, active lifestyle for lots more years! We feel UB Super will help us do just that and plan to continue using it as a meal replacement on a daily basis. Our energy levels and digestive systems are greatly improved with a daily shake. Thanks for making such a super product! Walter & Linda
I’m an insanely busy mom with three kids and my husband refers to me as the family CEO. I own a business that keeps me busier than I sometimes want to be. I don’t really consider myself an athlete although I do something every day to push my body as hard as I can to make it stronger. I don’t have time to be tired and sluggish. I started making a UB Super shake daily last spring in the hopes of fueling my body with something quick and healthy and I can honestly say that I’m a believer! On two different occasions I went a stretch of several days without it (because I ran out) and by the second day I felt sluggish and by the third and fourth days I felt terrible! Never again will I make that mistake! I am up early and can breeze through my busy days with more than enough energy to juggle everything. I don’t have a perfect diet, but I try to do what I can to make the best choices. Adding UB Super to my daily routine was an awesome choice: it’s fast, it’s easy and it’s good! Now that the kids are back in school, I feel like this is my secret weapon! Sandy H.
As an athlete and a busy mom, nutrition is important to me. Thanks to UB Super, I can now stay active, eat healthy, and not worry about running out of energy. I like to drink UB Super before intense workouts or races to give me the energy I need to make it through. Since I started drinking UB Super shakes post-workout, I’ve noticed that I don’t “hit the wall” in the afternoon. Having two young kids means being exposed to lots of germs and I’ve noticed my body has more immunity and I don’t catch their colds. My favorite shake is a scoop of chocolate with unsweetened almond milk in a blender bottle. My husband has listened to me rave and has seen the benefits first hand. He now drinks UB super every day! Peace, love, and UB Super! Christina D.
Since getting back into UB Super, I regained my lost energy. I have a great deal of equipment at home, rather than going to a gym on a cold and frosty morning during our winter months in Australia, and I actually dusted off the cross trainer and the stationary cycle the other day. WOW – thanks to UB Super. Every morning when I add UB Super to my smoothie I look at the packet and say to myself, “YES – YOU are SUPER!” as a motivator to set myself up for a fabulous day. Thanks must go to the UB Super team who are so easy and honest to deal with. It is a tribute to you all. Rosemary T.
Since starting UB Super, I find my digestive system is far less sensitive to just about everything. UB Super also helps control carb cravings. I have a very demanding job and it's not uncommon for me to not get a lunch break. I am able to grab a healthy snack and keep going without losing steam. My mother-in-law has cancer and I have recommended that she try this. Most people don’t talk about how regular their digestive system is. The fact is that most people don’t know how regular they should be or the dangers of not being regular. I read an article recently that stated you should need to go after every meal. I don’t know anyone who is that regular. Until now! It used to be the norm for me to go once or twice a week. Now I can truly say I go after every meal. Margret D.
I do my very best to stay fit and prioritize health while finding a good balance between work and family. UB Super is ideal for that because it is a premium nutritional product suitable for the highest level athletes with the convenience of fast food. Often I have to squeeze a workout or surf session into an hour before hitting the road for work. With UB Super, I know I’m getting a day’s worth of high quality nutrition in a smoothie that I can whip together in five minutes or less. I take a shaker cup and a chocolate single serving as a good snack during long shifts when I need to be alert. So whether it’s maintaining energy during or recovering from a workout, keeping me energized and alert while operating a locomotive or fueling a long surf session, UB Super gets the job done quickly and easily. UB Super fuels my life! Matt S.
Post workout I always drink UB Super: after every single workout. For me, it is the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and vitamins to revitalize my body. I am rarely sore, and have been injury free. I also have not been sick ever since taking this product! Proper recovery within the hour is always essential for an athlete, or for anyone expecting optimal results. Your body needs to replenish after any kind of workout and muscle fibers need to re-build. Erin H.
I took a friend’s recommendation to try UB Super and I am glad I did. I had tried other supplement shakes and enjoyed them, but not as much as I enjoy UB Super. I have seen several benefits from my daily shake that have energized me as well as made my daily living better. I have greater energy levels during my workouts and at work. I have back pain from a ruptured and bulging disc and have noticed less pain since eating cleaner and adding UB Super. I have also noticed a better digestive system not to mention the taste is better than other shakes. I AM UB SUPER!!!! Read A.
Thought I would send you some initial feedback after using UB Super for about 5 weeks now. None of the effects I am sharing happened immediately. They were gradual and took me a while to notice them. I am 65 years old, retired and have been taking naps in the afternoon. Since I have been using your product, I have found myself rarely needing to take a nap in the afternoon. I have more energy now. As an older male, I have all the enlarged prostate problems that often happen in older males. One of these is decreased urine flow. Over the past couple of weeks, I have actually seen some improvement in that area. I am curious to see if there continues to be gradual improvement. I plan to continue to take UB Super. I realize these improvements in my lifestyle may only be specific to me, but thought I would share them with you. Mike G.
Before I drank UB Super, I would sit and think about getting up to clean or do something, but my energy level was so low. I felt complacent and discouraged, but that has all changed. I see such an improvement in my energy, which helps me face my day.  I drink UB Super for lunch and it carries me over till dinner, plus I feel full. My health is so much better and UB Super has made a difference. Bernard K.
I have used many supplements throughout my life. Some that I use to sell but in the end I did not fully believe in the product and the mission behind them. When Scott introduced me to his product I was hesitant, but I heard him out and tried UB Super. I honestly believe in the mission behind UB Super and it is a superior product. I use it daily as a part of my morning meal to provide my body with its nutrient dense ingredients and a quality blend of protein and carbohydrates. I have noticed an increase in energy levels which in return has increased my overall mood. I BELIEVE IN UB SUPER! Matt S.
When you’re an athlete training for extreme endurance events, distance and speed, you’re constantly putting a lot of stress on your immune system. UB Super keeps my immune system boosted and functioning in the best possible way so that I can recover and achieve my goals. Tom C.