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UB Super Brand Ambassadors

Our crew of super people who embrace living the #RealGoodYou life everyday.


Teri-Jo and Rick Rogue

Rick and Teri-Jo are your every day, regular married couple who love sailing and helping others. However, after returning from a short-term mission trip with their church—Port City Community Church—their lives changed.

During this trip, they helped to build homes and wood stoves, as well as help at feeding stations for widows and their children. They quickly saw how their efforts were making a HUGE impact on the people they were helping.

Immediately they realized that this was their true calling—helping others. So they sold everything they owned and purchased a sailboat, combining their passion with their higher purpose.

Their first stop is a short-term stay in Haiti with the International Rescue Group, building homes and bringing supplies, including UB Super to help provide much-needed nutrition to the people of Haiti. Next is a longer stay in the South Pacific, in the outer islands of Fiji, with Sea Mercy, a U.S.-based, non-profit that provides basic healthcare, disaster relief, and economic development for the very remote islands of the South Pacific.

To learn more about Rick and Terri Jo’s missions, you can follow them at or



Running & Triatholon Coach

Tom Clifford is a competitive distance runner, USATF Level 2 Endurance Coach, and USA Triathlon Coach. Originally from Michigan, where he was Captain of the Eastern Michigan Cross Country team, Tom moved to North Carolina in 2006. There, he founded Without Limits – a team-centered training program for runners of all ages and skill levels. Through this unique program, Tom combines technical coaching with a supportive and fun group atmosphere where team members encourage and challenge one another to push beyond their limits. Tom proudly served as Director of the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon, the first marathon to be held in Wilmington and Wrightsville. One of Tom's greatest athletic accomplishments was his 17th Overall American finish at the 2013 ING New York City Marathon.


Competitive Runner

Erin Hogston is a competitive runner who owns her own sponsorship sales and consulting company, working with various properties including one of the largest triathlon production companies in the country. A former collegiate sprinter was and a 4-year letterwinner at University of North Carolina Wilmington, Erin earned All-Conference honors in the Colonial Athletic Association and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She also was named team MVP and received the Student Athlete Advisory Committee Leadership Award. A mother of two young boys, Erin continued her training during her pregnancies in order to stay in shape and recover quickly from labor. She is a Boston Marathon Qualifier and regularly places in the top of her age bracket for her races. Erin makes health and wellness a top priority for her family, which is why she incorporates UB Super to help balance her health with her busy home and professional life.


Professional Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Born and raised in Australia, Travis had an early love for ocean sports, ski and outrigger canoe paddling. He transitioned to stand up paddle boarding and became a formidable competitor, winning the 2013 Molokai to Oahu SUP channel crossing. A humble competitor, Travis has also claimed the number one title at the Battle of Paddle events, elite course and distance races, and the ISA World games, along with many other victories around the globe. Due to his love for sports, Travis understands the value of fueling his body properly to stay healthy while pushing through to new levels of training. In fact, Travis believes health is the most important part of his training and competition. “If you’re not fueling your body properly,” he says, “how can you expect to get the best from it?” That's why Travis chooses UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake as fuel for training.


Health & Lifestyle Coach

Matt Skelly faced unnecessary struggles throughout his childhood and adolescent years as a result of obesity. His weight caused him to become timid and it significantly lowered his self-esteem. In high school, he decided to turn his life around and through hard work and determination, he lost the excess weight, gained a new respect for himself, and improved his health. Matt has now dedicated his life to helping people find their healthy outlet and educating families on healthy habits that work for them. He utilizes his education in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington to advocate for family health. Matt provides healthy lifestyle coaching with a primary focus on children's health. Matt believes that there is no better feeling than helping people through their transformation towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Endurance Athlete

Christina is a Without Limits Endurance Athlete in training, a SUP racer, a triathlete, and a lover of sports. There is no better phrase to describe Christina’s outlook on life than "love what you do and do what you love". Her love for sports began in college where she played water polo on a co-ed intramural team at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and swam masters. Coupled with her love for nature and the outdoors, Christina now spends as much free time as she can outside. Christina’s workouts also include cross-fit, barre, and her true love, pole dancing. Christina believes that each sport compliments the other and in order to maintain an active lifestyle you must take care of your body because you get out what you put in. Christina is a mom with two songs and she shares an fit and healthy lifestyle with her husband, Stephen. She is an active member of her community and loves to cook and eat mostly raw, organic, and fresh foods. She incorporates UB Super to help balance her health with her demanding home and fitness life.


Mother & Son Dynamic Duo

Dawn Nelson’s son, Austin, was born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition called AVSD. Instead of two valves, his little heart only had one, and there were holes above and below it. When Austin was only six months old, Dawn and her husband made the difficult decision to follow their cardiologist’s advice and allow Austin to have open heart surgery. Two days after Austin's operation, his heart stopped. He continued to suffer serious post-surgical complications and remained in the hospital for two months. After Austin was released, Dawn was presented with a new set of challenges, including a restricted diet that gave him painful constipation. To help Austin recover from his surgery, Dawn decided to put him on a vegan diet. As with many babies, however, and particularly those with Down Syndrome, Austin was very picky about what he would and wouldn’t eat. Dawn worried about Austin receiving adequate nutrition. Another brand ambassador, Erin Hogston, suggested that Dawn try vegan UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake. Austin's constipation disappeared. He is sleeping through the night, has all-day energy and is growing. Dawn is so convinced of UB Super's efficacy that she credits her son’s health to UB Super and drinks it herself every day.


Mountain Climber & Outdoorsman

Matt Carter started mountain climbing in 1992. Climbing is more than a sport for him, because, in his words, "It brings out the best me." Climbing difficult routes takes explosive power, flexibility and balance while stimulating all aspects of the mind, body and soul. Trying to execute moves at the body's limit is hard enough, but with a drop of several hundred or thousand feet beneath you, focus is essential. Matt tries to eat healthful foods, but between his young children, career and climbing training, it can be hard to prepare healthy meals throughout the day. UB Super is the first product Matt have used that actually made him feel a difference. He quickly incorporated two servings of UB Super a day as a source of healthy, convenient, complete nutrition and is proud to say that UB Super is the best substance he puts in his body!


Stand Up Paddle Boarder & Outdoorswoman

Lina Augaitis has established herself as one of the world’s top female standup paddlers, achieving wins around the world in 2014, including World Series wins in Abu Dhabi and Germany, the ISA World Championship win in Nicaragua, and “Fastest Female Paddler On Earth” in Germany, BOP distance and overall champion and the World Series Championship. She is also the first Canadian female to complete Molokai 2 Oahu and the first Canadian SUP Champion. While SUP racing is important to her, she also enjoys expeditions to further push the limits of her sport by exploring new areas, such as the Yukon, Thailand, and Toronto. Lina is also a certified school teacher and has taught outdoor education and physical education in Vancouver. When she’s not paddling, Lina loves traveling, mountain biking, trail running, backcountry skiing, adventure racing, climbing, and camping.



Timothy Nichols is a triathlete who proudly represents athletes with Celiac disease. After choosing to train for triatholons in a bid to lose weight and feel healthy, Tim trained for two years but never felt truly healthy. He was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2014. His coach and UB Super ambassador Tom Clifford recommended UB Super as a way to increase Tim’s nutrient absorption and reduce Celiac inflammation. UB Super, proper diet, and determination made the difference in Tim’s health and performance. In 2016, Tim placed first at the 2016 USAT National Duathlon Championships and first place amateur in the Ironman Raleigh 70.3, and in his words, this is the “proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!”


Professional Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Michael Tavares is a professional stand up paddle boarder, which keeps him outdoors and active on a daily basis. In order to paddle as much as possible, Michael needs to stay healthy and active while traveling one from event to the next. Michael lives in an RV for part of the year as he travels, so he is always on the lookout for simple, whole food meals that fit his lifestyle. He first tried UB Super as an easy way to get nutrition on the road, using UB Super to replace a meal or get an energy boost. He found that UB made accessing healthy nutrients on-the-go possible. Michael turns to UB Super to renew his energy and power, which quickly gets depleted while traveling and competing, and he recommends UB Super to everyone because “It’s really a great idea for anyone thats needs energy, nutrients, and power on the go!”


Firefighter, SUP Athlete

Morgan Mason lives an incredibly active lifestyle in The Rocky Mountains. She describes her life as a professional firefighter and a SUP athlete as "always on the go." Morgan discovered UB Super while looking for the cleanest meal replacement available, because keeping up with her lifestyle requires incredibly healthy nutrients. While her work schedule doesn't always permit her to prepare clean meals, she relies on UB Super for lasting energy. After incorporating UB Super, Morgan experienced an energy boost that allowed her to take on new projects. Now she has her mother and fellow athletes hooked!


Stand Up Paddle Trainer & Strength & Conditioning Coach

Trent Bender is a sought-after transformation specialist who utilizes stand up paddle, strength and conditioning to increase the fitness of celebrities, athletes and everyday people. Based in Los Angeles, Trent has helped shape some of Hollywood’s finest physiques. He travels and to present and teach his unique training method, a method which focuses on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. Trent is passionate about stand up paddle and when he's not training clients, he's in the ocean paddlesurfing or paddling for distance training.


Life & Health Coach

During his twenties, Juddy Arnold was a successful CEO living a fast-paced, exciting and stressful lifestyle. Before turning 30, Juddy was diagnosed as obese, pre-diabetic, bipolar, and vulnerable to heart attack. Juddy realized that he had left his health, his passion, and his family behind in pursuit of a corporate dream. Unwilling to accept the potential of an early death, a broken family, or a medicated life, he stepped away from his job and focused on recovering his health and rediscovering his passion for motorcycle racing. Juddy met Scott Kanyok when Scott was launching UB Super. Over the course of the following year, Juddy incorporated UB Super into his routine, and quickly recommended it to his parents, clients, and anyone else who would listen! Through multiple client testimonials, first-hand experience and research, Juddy became a believer and advocate for UB Super. Following his own principle of whole food first, whole food supplements second, UB Super provides the perfect answer to fast, convenient, daily nourishment while Juddy is at home and traveling.


Stand Up Paddle Trainer

Born and raised in Maryland, Brian was introduced to the outdoors and being a waterman at a young age, spending the summer and fall fishing on the Wicomico River and surfing in Ocean City. He spent several years lifeguarding for the Ocean City Beach Patrol saving lives and competing in prone paddleboard races. Brian attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he was introduced to outrigger canoe racing and quickly fell in love with the sport. He competed in prestigious races, including the Hawaiian State Championships and the 2011 Molokai Hoe. Brian relocated to Annapolis, Maryland in 2012 where he has dedicated his life to fitness, nutrition, and paddling. He launched Capital SUP in the spring of 2014, a stand up paddle board business specializing in outdoor fitness. Brian's goal was to create “a gym on the water” experience and promote a healthy lifestyle through functional movement training, balance training, and calisthenics. Brian believes eating clean and properly filling the body with the right nutrients is imperative to longevity and a happy life! That’s exactly why Brian chooses UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake as fuel for his active and healthy lifestyle.


When you do Real Good in the world around you, you inspire and empower others to do the same.