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Customer Testimonials

As a breast cancer survivor, I am back on UB Super (vegan), and immediately notice mental clarity and energy changing, albeit, slowly, for the better. I also make protein cookies with UB Super Chocolate and eat them throughout the day for a boost. I LOVE Vanilla, which I add blueberries for increased antioxidants and sometimes other fruits to make a smoothie every morning. When I "crave" chocolate, this is a perfect substitute to tame the craving, acts like a milk shake, and the added benefit is all the protein, which is So important for everyone's health. It also helps me decrease stress, which is vital. I know and feel UB Super is a gift for my life and well-being.

Christina B.

Four years ago I was 280 lbs and couldn’t run a mile. I felt terrible and something was just not right. I decided to change my diet and get back into endurance sports as I had done when I was younger. I was able to lose a lot of weight and reach a semi-competitive level in triathlon but something still was not right with my performances. Eighteen months ago during the spring triathlon season, I was having all sorts of health problems, always sick, run down, skin rashes, GI problems, you name it. My coach, Tom Clifford, suggested I try UB Super. I immediately started feeling better, with more...

Tim N.

This stuff is AMAZING!! I have struggled with so many health issues over the last 10-15 years. I suffer from chronic lower back pain daily and I’ve always tried to take a proactive approach towards my health and addressing the issue, from doctor’s visits, to blood work, MRIs, vitamins, exercising, and diet adjustments. Since using UB Super, almost all of my health problems have either gone away or are significantly diminished. My back pain is vastly diminished and sometimes I even forget I had it. My digestive issues are gone. My post-workout recovery is amazing and nearly obsolete now. My...

Kori H.

Since I started with UB Super, my daily energy level has increased and my post-workout recovery time has dramatically decreased. Most days, I drink a shake in the morning and another post-workout, and I feel great. Finding a one-stop shop that has all the vitamins and minerals needed, is vegan, non-GMO, and tastes great is kind of like finding a unicorn. My wife and I are hooked, and I can’t order UB Super fast enough.

Tyce M.

I have survived three separate instances of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). My first brain injury was from a “slip and fall” in 2011 and the second brain injury occurred in 2012 when my car was rear-ended. Then, on October 2014, I suffered my third and most horrific brain injury: I fell from the second level of my townhouse down to the first level, crashing into 17 hardwood oak stairs that wrecked my head and body. I suffered skull fractures, subdural hematomas, orbital fractures, and multiple other injuries. I’ve been using UB SUPER every day for over three months now. It’s been an a...

Diane B.

As a physical education teacher I have always been interested in health and fitness. I am always looking for the best, most natural ways to fuel my body. When I found UB Super it was a no-brainer: this vegan protein is the best of the best. I have tried many veggie protein powders in the past and this one is by far my favorite. I went from taking a bunch of supplements to only taking UB Super. It is my one-stop shop for green powders, vitamins, minerals, and protein. I do CrossFit four times a week and have UB Super after every workout. Since using UB Super I have noticed a massive difference ...

Carly B.

Austin was born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition called AVSD. When he was only six months old, we made the difficult decision to follow the cardiologist’s advice and allow Austin to have open heart surgery. It was a very scary thing for us to go through. Once we received clearance from the hospital to take Austin home, we were presented with a new set of challenges. His diet was restricted giving him painful constipation. Austin was very picky about what he would and wouldn’t eat, making it hard for him to get the nutrients he needed. A friend and ambassador, Erin Hogston, suggeste...

Dawn N.

As an active athlete, diet and food is the most important aspect of our daily lives because you are what you eat. Food is our only fuel source. UB Super is healthy clean fuel for your body. I use it every day normally before and after training just to make sure I’m fueling my body with everything it needs. I never feel depleted or run down anymore. Every day I’m running on all cylinders and feeling great. Great meal replacement. Love it!

Travis G.

At age 61, I believe that UB Super has been a huge factor in helping me lose weight, maintain an ideal weight and make a commitment to better health. I spend a lot of my time balancing work, home and volunteer efforts but under stress I used to reach for a quick carb load to keep me going, even though I knew I would suffer later with a headache and even greater fatigue. I began making better food choices six months ago and started drinking a UB Super shake as a meal replacement in the morning. In the past I would be hungry (and cranky) by 10 AM but the shake keeps me full and mentally engaged ...

Julie R.

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UB Super combines ingredients of the highest quality: healthy proteins, antioxidant-rich superfoods, organic vitamins, complex fulvic minerals, pre- and probiotics with a digestive enzyme blend to support and sustain you.

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