Transform How Your Body Looks and Feels

Our medical-grade, synergistic approach combines globally best-of-class, plant-based, whole-food ingredients with cutting-edge technology and science, which will deliver efficacious results your body will thank you for daily. UB Super was designed with effortless delivery systems to support many health benefits – transforming how your body looks and feels.

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Originating from the Earth

We spent years researching and discovering what plant-based and whole food ingredients from the Amazon and around the globe produce the best results for your health – like organic vitamins, superfoods, fulvic acid, and cannabinoids. Between testing, then acquiring different technologies that truly deliver the highest bioavailability to your body, in synergy with a belief of what originates from the earth, your body knows best, UB Super was created.

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The Good Loop Promise is our commitment to a continuous cycle of accomplishing real good in partnership with you. We promise to deliver innovative, convenient, and holistic products—sourcing only real ingredients which are truly effective together—to fuel and sustain your active lifestyle. We promise to deliver the highest quality nutrition, supplements, and topicals to you in a sustainable way that supports our suppliers and protects the environment. We promise to deliver good products to you, so you can do good things in your life, your community, and your world.


The UB Super Story