Pineapple Protein Smoothie

Pineapple Protein Smoothie

We’ve got Spring Break on our minds with this tropical Pineapple Protein Smoothie. Pineapple is a powerhouse of huge health benefits due to its wealth of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta carotene, thiamin, B6, and folate, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber, and bromelain, making this a perfect recovery smoothie.

Prep Time - 5 Minutes

Servings - 1 Shake


  • 1 Scoop UB Super Vanilla Vegan Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake or Plant Based Protein Smoothie
  • 1 Cup Pineapple Fresh or Frozen
  • 1 Cup Favorite Unsweetened Non-dairy Milk
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract Optional
  • 5 Ice Cubes


  1. Add all ingredients to blender and mix until smooth.
  2. Enjoy!
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