Boosting Hydration and Nutrient Absorption with Fulvic Minerals

With the heat of mid-summer sending mercury rising in thermometers across the country, Men’s Fitness magazine recently published a story that busted five myths of hydration. The fifth myth was that “Water’s the only way to go,” which the author dismissed because many foods are hydrating, too. This is true: foods that contain water and electrolytes can play an important role in hydration (including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride) and rehydration. But what if your body could get all these micronutrients from a source that also makes it easier to absorb them than most natural foods or supplements? You can with fulvic minerals. Fulvic minerals come from prehistoric plant matter that is easily digestible. The unique complex which includes fulvic acid that we use in our UB Super nutritional shake helps provide over 70 trace minerals, 18 amino acids and the electrolytes your body needs to maintain hydration during exercise (if you drink a shake 30 minutes or more before working out) and rehydrate after your workout. The organic compounds are absorbed more quickly than the synthetic minerals found in most meal replacements and supplements, so your body can keep or reestablish equilibrium as fast as possible. What’s more, fulvic minerals act as a transport system for the other premium quality, all-natural ingredients in UB Super, including the broad range of vitamins and phytochemicals contained in our super fruit blend that do everything from boosting your immune system, to reducing inflammation, to lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol. Fulvic minerals also maximize absorption of the 15 grams of plant-based, vegan-compatible protein that you’ll find in each serving of UB Super (same goes for the Non-GMO grass fed whey protein in our upcoming new products - stay tuned!). So you’ll get the most from the protein you need to rebuild muscle fibers after your workout. According to many studies and reports on dehydration, such as this one in Runner’s World, losing just 2 percent of your body weight in fluids (i.e. sweat during exercise) limits performance and recovery. Getting all your electrolytes and adequate fluids in one convenient, good-for-you package before and after your run, paddle or resistance training can prevent this, helping your body be its best. Try UB Super today to experience the fulvic mineral difference. - Phil White
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