Flower Pollen Extract

Flower Pollen Extract

Aaa-choo! Bless you. When you hear flower pollen, you might think of the runny eyes, sneezing, and congestion many of us experience in the spring. This is due to the allergenic portion on the outer crust, which contains hair, fungus, yeasts, and molds. However, just below the surface of that pesky little crust lies essential, nourishing nutrients that provide incredible protection to our livers.

Flower pollen extract has been used to combat various health indications for over 50 years and scientists have clinically tested and proven it to be effective and safe, without the harmful side effects. The extract is made from using a combination of unique growing and processing techniques that remove the plant material and isolate the pure pollen without using any solvents! This process breaks down and eliminates any toxic or harmful substances such as allergens, releasing just the internal nutrients.

Studies have shown the efficacy of flower pollen extract to protect the liver against toxins that can cause damage by preventing negative liver changes, reducing existing damage, and normalizing liver function. For example, one study was done on a liver exposed to a toxin, paracetamol, which causes severe liver necrosis and can lead to liver failure. Administering a therapeutic dose of the extract was found to increase levels of a naturally occurring antioxidant in the liver and decrease the number of lesions caused by the toxin.

The flower pollen extract used in UB Super Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake with Full and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract has an ORAC value that outranks many of your standard fruits, vegetables, and supplements with its ability to neutralize and destroy free radicals. Its antioxidant activity even surpasses that of kale -- and we all know kales packs a punch! Make the switch today to one of our shakes with Full or Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract today and enjoy free  shipping!

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