Four Ways To Beat Holiday Weight Gain

Four Ways To Beat Holiday Weight Gain
Statistics show that 75% of weight gain in the US takes place during the holidays, and the average American gains about one pound during the season. One pound doesn’t sound like much, but the problem is that holiday weight is rarely lost in the new year. Year after year after, those pounds quickly adds up. People who are most vulnerable to holiday weight gain, unfortunately, are those who already have a high BMI or those who have been overweight in the past. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy this magical time of the year without packing on extra pounds. Fitness is the keystone of a lean and healthy body. If you can keep up your usual fitness routine, do it. Many people slack off and pay dividends later, not just in extra pounds but also in training setbacks. The reality of traveling and interrupted routines, however, may leave you with little choice but to miss a few workouts. If that’s your reality, here are some additional strategies to beat holiday weight gain. Avoid Extra Pounds Following Four Simple Steps
  • Fill Up First. Eat a healthy meal BEFORE you attend that office party. Enjoy a high-protein, high-nutrient meal or smoothie, and snack on fruit and veggies. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Once you arrive at the party, opt for whole foods and avoid dips and sweets. Ask yourself, “Would I normally want this food in my body?” If the answer is no, then stick to your instincts and resist the holiday pressure!
  • Forget Fancy Cocktails. Alcohol is ubiquitous at holiday events. Saying no to a fancy drink can save you hundreds of empty calories and will give your liver and digestive system a break. Additionally, alcohol reduces self-control and inhibitions, making excess food consumption more likely.
  • Fix Food-Free Festivities. When it's your turn to host, plan a meal or snack-free party. Does that sound crazy? Maybe what's really crazy is the idea that holiday parties need to involve food. They don't. Try a game night, a movie night, a gift-wrapping night, an ice skating expedition or a brisk walk through a holiday light show. There is no reason why festivities should be synonymous with food.
  • Focus On Family And Friends. Ultimately, the holidays are about the people who make our lives meaningful—the holiday are not about food, fat, or fitness. Don’t worry about your waistline. Instead of using your energy fighting food cravings or counting calories, focus your energy on the people you love. Create memories.
Finally, start planning your holiday detox now. We have a line-up of incredible detox smoothies that will help you recover from the stress and madness of the holidays. Check out our recipes here!

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