Holiday Stress Management 101

Holiday Stress Management 101
‘Tis the season for crazy shopping expeditions, family feuds, long lines, and travel headaches.  The holidays bring additional stress to our already stressful, maxed out lives and seem to leave us even more burned out than we thought possible. Before January rolls around, many people are suffering from digestive issues, weight gain, and colds and flus. What if you could trade in your stress, boost your immune system, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year? Stress is a feature of the modern American life that can’t be avoided entirely. Stress management, however, involves a set of intentional, healthy lifestyle choices. Stress management boosts and protects your immune system… so you can celebrate this year instead of fighting the flu! The first thing that Mayo Clinic recommends for stress management will come as no surprise: eat healthy, get exercise, and sleep. Yep, all three of those things are rolled into one recommendation. Why? Because you cannot hope to reap the benefits of regular exercise or adequate sleep without simultaneously fueling your body with holistic nutrition. The benefits of exercise, sleep and nutrition are synergistic. When schedules get busy, these are the first areas to get short-changed. This holiday, set boundaries before the family get-together and insist on an earlier bedtime. Ask two or three friends to make an exercise pact that will keep you motivated and committed through the tough holiday weeks. Opt for plant-based, whole foods at the office party. When it’s your turn to bring something, try one a delicious protein-packed treat like these Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bites. Finally, get ready for the onslaught of holiday stress and sickness by boosting your immune system today. Tips For Boosting Your Immune System
  • Hydrate. Your body continually flushes out toxins as you drink water. When your schedule is interrupted by holiday events, you may lose track of your hydration. Maintain your body’s natural detoxification process by bringing water with you as you shop, travel, and catch up with friends.
  • Swap Tea For Alcohol. A celebratory toast may be well and good during the holidays, but beware of the tendency to consume alcohol regularly. Your liver will thank you for trading that glass of bubbly for a soothing cup of tea. Liver function is critical to healthy immunity and digesting alcohol makes your liver work twice as hard as it needs to.
  • Meditate. Meditation is the last thing you have time for, which is why taking time to meditate is more important than ever. Practice some simple deep breathing techniques before going to bed, or use a meditation app when you first wake up in the morning. Don’t neglect this easy way to increase your body awareness. Are you feeling tired? Achy? Do you have a sore throat? These early warning signs of cold and flu can be easily missed in the holiday rush. Take time to meditate so that you can keep tabs on how your body is responding to stress.
  • Bring Your UB Super. Are you traveling this holiday season? Don’t forget to pack your UB Super. Did you know that every serving of UB Super contains superfood antioxidants to strengthen your natural immunity? Try a box of single serving UB Super packets, perfect for slipping into your gear and for sharing with family and friends.
If you are feeling unprepared to take on the holidays, try these immune boosting tips to get you through. Let this be the year that the holidays inspire, energize and refresh you. Also try our Berry Pomegranate Immune Booster Smoothie

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