How UB Super was born

How UB Super was born

Seven years ago on January 29, 2008, Scott Kanyok was on a 40-mile bike ride when he was hit by a box truck. Thrown from his bicycle, Scott suffered a fractured skull with a subdural hematoma, compound fractured clavicle and scapula, fractured olecranon and six broken ribs.

ICU doctors weren’t sure he would survive, but Scott bravely battled back to health. The nutritional discoveries he made while recovering inspired the creation of UB Super protein superfood nutritional shakes. Once Scott was discharged from ICU and underwent several surgeries to insert titanium plates and screws, six weeks later he began a grueling recovery regimen.

Fast forward six months, devoting 15 hours per week to physical therapy the avid cyclist, runner and paddler overcame pain, vertigo, and fatigue and returned to peak physical condition. But the accident had short-circuited his immune system, and Kanyok was ill for seven of the first 12 months that followed. In an effort to restore his immune system, Scott began eating superfoods such as acai, camu camu and acerola cherry with protein.

To improve the combination of nutrients he needed for full recovery, he was introduced to Jason Mitchell, N.D. through his association with MetaBrand. Jason was formerly the Chief Science Officer for Country Life Vitamins and he assisted with the development of the UB Super formulations. After more than two years of trial and error, they combined 10 superfoods, organic vitamins, fulvic acid and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics with digestive enzymes, and 16 grams of complete vegan protein in the UB Super protein superfood nutritional shake.

Scott's company, UB Real, has since added a non-GMO grass fed whey protein shake option. UB Super quickly gained a loyal following among elite athletes like SUP world champions Connor Baxter and Travis Grant and runner Tom Clifford. The product is also improving the wellness of what Kanyok calls “regular people like me,” who have shared how UB Super increases energy levels, pre and post workout recovery, immune system support, reduces inflammation and helps promote healthy weight loss.

A wider audience is now able to purchase UB Super direct from “Who would’ve thought that consuming clean protein, organic vitamins from real fruits and vegetables, fulvic minerals and other earth-based nutrients would help people perform better?” Scott says. “Whether you’re an Olympian, a librarian, or anything in between... getting super fast real food is going to improve how you feel.”

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