Real food, super convenient, super fast

Real food, super convenient, super fast

In his book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser reveals that Americans spend more on fast food than on higher education, and more in the drive-thrus of McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the rest than on music, books, newspapers and movies combined. There are many reasons for this, including changes in workforce demographics, the move away from preparing meals at home and toward ‘recreational’ eating out, and the feeling most of us have in today’s fast-paced world that we have less time at our disposal than ever before.

While fast food certainly scores high on price, speed and convenience, it’s certainly not doing us any favors when it comes to our waistlines or our overall wellbeing. From the health problems filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s showcased in his film Super Size Me to the recent “pink slime” controversy, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way junk food restaurants can make their ‘meals’ cheap is because they’re literally offering foods made from junk! It’s no coincidence that as the number of fast food chains doubled, so did the obesity rate. Thankfully, you can now combine the ease, speed and low cost of fast food with the myriad health benefits of superfoods.

We created UB Super based on the idea of “super fast real food,” enabling you to grab a healthy, nutrient-rich meal without sitting in a drive-thru line or waiting for the doorbell to ring to let you know that your unhealthy, preservative-filled, sodium-fest has arrived. UB Super is full of hard-to-find super fruits such as the maqui berry, which packs an antioxidant punch 20 times stronger than that of blueberries. It’s also gives you 15 grams of high quality protein from plant sources such as chia, hemp and peas (so you’re in luck if you’re vegetarian or vegan).

Perhaps best of all, all you need to do is put a scoop in a bottle with your choice of liquid - almond and hemp milk are good selections - and shake it up. Or put it in a blender and throw in some ice and whatever fruit you can find in your refrigerator. Within seconds you’ve got a low-calorie, high quality shake that contains everything you need to recover from a workout, keep going during a busy work day, or meet your weight loss goals. And it will cost you around three bucks a serving, so it’s no more expensive than that burger and fries that your body could really do without. Fast food that tastes great, is good for you and is still, well, fast. That’s why you need to try UB Super.  - by Phil White

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