UB Super Spotlight: Acerola Cherry

UB Super Spotlight: Acerola Cherry
Acerola is a superfood fruit that closely resembles a cherry, hence the misnomer “acerola cherry”. Acerola grows on a shrub and is cultivated in tropical climates. As a superfood, acerola offers more nutrients than common fruits. You won’t find fresh acerola fruit at the market, because acerola deteriorates immediately after being picked. The best way to access the incredible nutritional benefits of this tiny fruit is through acerola juice or extracts. What benefits does this tiny fruit offer? The Real Good Of Acerola
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse—Acerola is packed with an array of antioxidants, including flavanoids and carotenoids, which reduce the cell damage caused by free radicals. You might have heard about acerola cherry benefits for skin, thanks to the carotenoids in acerola. Carotenoids also protect vision and promote eye health.
Blood Sugar Regulator—Acerola has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels in healthy individuals. By controlling insulin and glucose levels in the blood, acerola could help control blood sugar fluctuation diabetics, and research may indicate that acerola acerola can help prevent diabetes.

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