Why You Should Care a Fig

Why You Should Care a Fig
“I don’t care a fig.” Have you ever wondered where that expression comes from? Apparently, figs were once such a common fruit that they were considered fairly worthless. Not so today. Figs have made a resurgence in culinary popularity and more people are discovering that the sweetness and crunchy texture of the fig fruit complements salads, flat breads, desserts, and smoothies. Beyond their culinary charm and versatility, however, figs have some healthy properties worth noting. Figs, Fiber And Feeling Full Here are a few of the reasons why we should all care about figs!
  • Fiber. Just 100 grams of dried figs (roughly 10-12 figs) contains a whopping 40% of your daily value of fiber! Many people find that eating low calorie, high fiber foods—such as figs—helps them feel fuller longer, assisting with healthy weight maintenance.
  • Minerals. Figs are an excellent source of various major dietary minerals, including manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.
  • Prebiotics. Yes, the various carbohydrates in figs are prebiotics. Prebiotics are the food and fuel that support healthy probiotic flora in the gut. Read more about prebiotics here.
  • Vitamin K. 19% of your daily value of vitamin K is also contained in 100 grams of dried figs. Without vitamin K2, the human body cannot respond to injury properly. Vitamin K is necessary for blood to clot, and people with a deficiency are more like to bruise and bleed.
  • Choline. Choline is an essential nutrient associated with the B vitamin complex. Choline supports organ function, particularly liver and kidney function, and is important to healthy pregnancy. A 100 gram serving of dried figs offers 15 mg of choline.
Figs reach their peak season in summer and autumn. You'll find figs either fresh or dried at your local market. Fresh figs should be consumed quickly, because they spoil easily. Choose tender figs with a deep brownish-red color that smell sweet. Dried figs will last longer than fresh, but should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid mold. And speaking of delicious, nutritious figs, have you made our Vegan Chocolate Fig Smoothie? Velvety with a perfect touch of crunch, you’ll love this new way to start your day!

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